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OODLES is an extension of my creative spirit - a shop for the "Don't box me in" crowd - full of wonderful, out of the ordinary cool stuff. OODLES is unlike most retail shops - think museum but the items can be purchased and not just admired. It's a collection of unique, eclectic Art & Crafts, Furniture, Antiques, Jewelry & Clothing. One never knows what they'll find. It's a treasure hunt, quirky & exciting. It's more than just a shopping experience - it's a place that stirs the imagination and lights the fire within.

And as if that's not enough, Petey the shop dog will be there to meet & greet you. A few minutes with Petey and you're hooked. But don't take my word for it, stop by and experience OODLES for yourself! And if that isn't an option, you can now shop online.




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Sally Bacon is one of a kind and brilliant
— susan buckland
One of the most delightful and eclectic collections of all things wonderful
— Susanne Abetti


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Sally Wright Bacon

From death comes life. Sally Wright Bacon began beading after the tragic death of her youngest son. In her hands, the awesome beauty, strength and authenticity of her materials has given birth not just to a unique collection of handmade jewelry, but to her own spiritual rejuvenation as well.

She is one of the rare jewelry designers whose work reflects no single style - it is driven, not by the latest trends, but by her own unique sense of color, shape, texture and pattern. She takes risks with her materials and composition. Her work can be wild and outrageous, sweet and feminine or a bit edgy. Her pieces are an expression of her own free spirit!

Utilizing an eclectic collection of both recent and ancient beads and crosses, Sally has also creates unusual and inspired Beaded Rosaries. Each rosary symbolizes that mystical linkage between the physical and the spiritual, the present and the past, the human and the divine. In 1995 she was commissioned to create a rosary for Pope John Paul II.

Her one-of-a-kind personal ornaments are as individual as the women who wear them. Sally's work has been represented by galleries across the United States but are now exclusively found at OODLES.

In 2010, Sally created OODLES - a place to share her own created gifts and those of artists from all over the world.